Basic water types

Mineral water

It contains minerals, microelements and other components that change the taste and have a therapeutic effect. It is extracted of one or more natural springs or artificial facilities. The initial purity and composition remain unchanged, while the deep underground origin ensures protection against contamination of water sources.

Spring water

It originates from underground water body which springs naturally on the ground surface. According to microbiological, physicochemical, chemical and radiological indicators it suitable for use and drinking in its natural state. SPRING WATER MIHALKOVO is of this type.

Table water

Does not meet the requirements for mineral and spring water, but meets those of the Water Quality for Drinking Purposes Ordinance. It is extracted from underground or surface source.

Artesian water

It is sourced from closed wells bounded by watertight layers. Additional facilities can be used for its extraction can be used to help the natural underground pressure. This water is considered to be naturally clean, but in most cases it has no special qualities.

Demineralized water

It has undergone treatment – distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis, as a result of which is purified of all minerals and other dissolved components.

Naturally carbonated mineral water

In its natural state contains carbon dioxide, the amount in bottled water, whether applied decanting, is the same as in the water source. NATURALLY CARBONATED WATER MIHALKOVO is of this type.

Additionally carbonated mineral water

It is additionally carbonated with carbon dioxide that originates from the same water source. Its quantity contained in bottled water, whether applied decanting, is the higher than in the water source.

Artificially carbonated mineral, spring and table water

It contains carbon dioxide which is artificially dissolved in the water and does not originate from the water source.


Facts and numbers

Annually the world population drinks 200 billion liters of bottled water. Nearly 40% is tap water.

  • The human body consists of 66% water. It helps the body’s natural functions and is contained in absolutely all organs, accounting for 75% of the brain, 83% of the blood and 90% of the lungs.
  • Quick ingestion of too much water can lead to intoxication, i.e. there is a danger for the sodium amount in the blood to fall and cause water imbalance in the brain. This most often happens after long and demanding physical activities.
  • About 75% of the surface of the globe is covered with water. The amount is just as much as it was in its formation, as it always “recycles” in one form or another.
  • Less than 1% of all water in the world is suitable for drinking, and only 2,5% is fresh water.
  • In the moment a person feel thirst his body already lost 1% of its water content.
  • Without water human body can survive for no more than a week.
  • Over 1.5 billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. Nearly 4 million die every year from diseases related to water. 98% of these cases in the developing countries.
  • Water leaves the stomach 5 minutes after entering there.
  • Water protects DNA from damage and increases the efficiency of recovery processes, decreases the amount of DNA abnormalities.
  • It is the most important element of body heating and cooling.
  • Improves person’s ability to work and increases its focus. It is the best refreshing drink, with no side effects.
  • Water is the best solution for loss of body weight.


About water needs

Water needs of the human body are equivalent to its needs of nutrients. Its importance to the body is too big and diverse, as all vital processes are related to it. Nutrients are dissolved in water. It drains the waste substances from the body. Water is the necessary environment in which all biochemical reactions occur. It ensures the metabolism in the body.

The daily water needs vary with age, weight, lifestyle, climate, workload /sports or other/, as for a man weighing 70 kg this quantity is 2 liters per day. It is recommended that the amount of required water is determined based on body weight, it is 25-30 ml per kilogram of weight.

It is important to drink water before we feel thirst. Thirst is usually the first sign that signals for lack of fluids in the body. Especially for children and adolescents it has been proven that they take too little fluids. That is why low mineralized spring water Mihalkovo is suitable for daily consumption by all ages and at any time.

Drink water frequently and in small quantities – drinking too much water at once leads to body overload, especially for the kidneys and heart. The most beneficial is to drink water in the morning after getting up from sleep. It is harmful to drink too much water during meals and during physical activities.

According to Assoc. Prof. Vladimirov, professor at the University of Food Technologies (UFT) - Plovdiv, low mineralized waters are suitable for everyday use, because they create fewer problems with their structure. This way the body is wasting much less bioenergy. Therefore, low mineralized waters such as spring water, in which category is the spring water Mihalkovo, are most suitable for everyday consumption.


How and what water shall we take?

When drinking mineral water, rotation of water types is recommended. The aim is for the body to “relax” and avoid the accumulation of minerals. Classic schedule of alternation in mineral water consumption is 15 days on and 15 days off mineral water. The most beneficial in this rotation is the spring water from the heart of the mountain, such as Mihalkovo. It has low salinity and sodium levels and is proven pure and natural.

Mineral substances Recommended daily dose for adults* Content in 1 L of spring water Mihalkovo mg/L Content in 1 L of naturally carbonated water Mihalkovo mg/L Properties
Na 1.2-2.0 2.8 440.0 Sodium is essential for the exchange of water between cells and the intercellular medium. It is also important for the work of the muscles, enabling their contraction.
K 4.7 1.3 29.72 Potassium is important for regulation of water content in the cells. It maintains osmotic pressure and helps transmit nerve impulses to muscles, maintains fluid balance in the body.
Ca 1000 - 1300 5.1 236.0 Calcium builds bones and teeth. Helps for muscle activity and the transmission of signals along nerves.
Mg 250 - 370 1.2 48.5 Magnesium is important for bones, muscles and cells. It helps to improve muscle and nerve balance and suppresses appetite.
F 2-4 <0.1 3.1 Fluoride  helps the formation of teeth and reduces cavities, but it is assumed that levels above 1.5 mg/L are not recommended for children under 7 years.
Cl 4-6 3.7 48.7 Sodium and Chlorine form salt. Too much salt is unhealthy, but its absence can lead to problems. They play an important role in digestion.
SO4   6.0 302.0 Sulphates  are important for maintaining healthy, flexible cells. They are also part of many enzymes.
HCO2 0.800-2000 16.5 1732.9 Hydrocarbon group helps to maintain acid balance in the stomach and internal organs and improves digestion.
Total mineralization  72 мг/л 2913.963  
Acidity  pH – 7.2 pH – 6.4  



Carbonated water Mihalkovo is not only a wonderful way to quench your thirst and an indispensable ingredient in cooking, but a real gift of nature for the fans of home-made cosmetics. Here are some easy recipes with carbonated water Mihalkovo for the lovers of beautification in domestic conditions, and with means at hand.

Mineral water spray

Many cosmetic companies offer mineral water sprays in their product range. In addition to delivering freshness, the water particles perform micromassage and excellent moisturizing of the skin. Pour naturally carbonated water Mihalkovo in a spray and every day spray it over your face. This will provide a fresh and radiant appearance.


Carbonated mineral water vitalizes the skin and has a favorable effect on blood vessels. Water with high content of salts, such as natural carbonated water Mihalkovo, reduces the oiliness of the skin and shrinks the pores.

Mask for oily and prone to irritations skin

Mix clay mask with carbonated mineral water Mihalkovo and apply on the face. After drying wash with water.


Use carbonated water Mihalkovo in case of absence of hair shine – right after shampooing, wash your hair with carbonated mineral water. This will make it more elastic, shiny and soft.

Lotion for hair shine
  • 50 ml carbonated mineral water MIHALKOVO
  • 2 tsp apple vinegar
  • 7 drops of lemon oil
  • 50 ml beer
  • 5 drops rosemary oil

Mix all the ingredients and wash your hair with the resulted lotion.

Regenerating citrus concentrate
  • 1/4 cup carbonated mineral water MIHALKOVO
  • 1/4 cup freshly pressed grapefruit juice
  • 1/4 cup pressed apple juice
  • 1/4 cup pressed lemon juice
  • Few drops of basil essential oil

Mix all the ingredients and apply the lotion on wet hair. Leave for ten minutes and then wash with water.


Regular baths with naturally carbonated mineral water have a very beneficial effect on brittle and splitting nails.


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