• Life Premium

    Life Premium
  • Life Premium

    Life Premium
  • Fruit content: min. 35%
  • Glass bottles – Partially from concentrate
  • Cans 0.250 ml – Fruit content 70%, glucose-fructose syrup
  • Energy value: 57 kcal per 100 ml
Morello cherry nectar
Morello cherry nectar LIFE Premium Glass bottles 0.200 ml
Cans 0.250 ml


LIFE natural juices and nectars are produced from selected fruits, rich in natural flavours, invigorating, giving strength and vitality to body. LIFE juices do not contain any added sugar, preservatives, and artificial colouring agents.
Convenient packages for any event – 200 ml glass bottles, 250 ml cans and 1 l TetraPack packages.



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