• Mihalkovo spring water

    The Water of the Rhodopes!
  • Mihalkovo spring water

    The Water of the Rhodopes!



The spring water is being extracted very close to the earth’s surface – at a depth of 0-100 m, at a temperature under 20 degrees Celsius. Mineral spring water of Mihalkovo with a pink label is low-mineralized with a total mineralization of 72 mg/ l and low level of sodium, with an exceptional taste.

Mihalkovo spring water is pure mountain water from the Rhodopes. It springs at 1800 m above sea level at the foot of Modar Peak. Mihalkovo spring water is low mineralized water, suitable for everyday use by all age groups.

It is transported to a bottling plant where is bottled via a rigid connection. The whole process of supply of spring water is controlled from source to end user, meeting EU safety requirements.



Mineral contents

Anions mg/lCations mg/l
F < 0,05 Na 3,37
Cl 3,19 K 1,74
SO4 7,82 Ca 19,02
    Mg 1,40


Electrical conductivity – 119 µS
pH – 7.4



Mihalkovo spring water Glass 0.3 L
PET 0.5 L
1.5 L
3.5 L
8 L
Bag-in-box 10 L
15 L




ISO 9001:2015 – 11.06.2020


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